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 Banana Peelz  your tanning solution in Swimwear and Lycra
Banana Peelz  your tanning solution in Cotton, Poly, and Sport Mesh
Specialty Pouches

Located in Draper, Utah, the FWC LLC was established in 2007 by four creative women to benefit and meet the needs of the male tanning clientele. We manufacture comfortable pouches to cover the male private area under the trademark name 'Banana Peelz.' We began selling our product on E-Bay in December of 2007. With 100% positive feedback, many return customers, and requests for custom orders, our business is rapidly expanding. We are now a worldwide company.

Almost immediately we were made aware of a secondary need for this pouch. It was suggested to us by several people that it would be convenient for men to wear in hospitals for modesty. We then were approached about the need for men who for medical reasons had to frequently wear a cream in the genital area. Our pouch will help keep the cream where it belongs instead of on bed sheets and underwear and we are also marketing our product in that direction.

We pride ourselves on Quality, Fast Service and Reliability!

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