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 Banana Peelz  your tanning solution in Swimwear and Lycra
 Banana Peelz  your tanning solution in Cotton and  Poly
Banana Peelz  your tanning solution in Swim and Sport Mesh
About Us
Specialty Pouches ~ Men's Health
Banana Peelz. men's pouches are designed with you in mind. Almost immediately we were made aware of a secondary need for this pouch. It was suggested to us by several people that it would be convenient for men to wear in hospitals for modesty and also for men, who for medical reasons, had to frequently wear a cream in the genital area. Our pouch will help keep the cream where it belongs instead of on bed sheets and underwear. They are washable/reusable.

Disposable Pouches-This looser fitting pouch is white and made of soft polypropylene blend, held in place with a lightweight sewn in elastic. Disposable pouches come individually packaged and can be purchased as single or in a pack of 10. These are located on the Lycra/ Disposable page as well.

Disposable Absorbent Pads-For those of you that have a slight incontinent issue, or occasional leaking, these pads can be inserted at the base of the pouch. Far less bulky than a depend pad. This also works very well for those that are limited to a wheelchair.

Pouch with Pad $15.50
Pouch color

Disposable pads
10 for $5
Disposable   banana peelz bags
Disposable Pouch
Wicking Fabric Pouches- These pouches are made with a special moisture protection fabric called Wicking. It is designed to draw moisture away from the skin. These are slightly more expensive than our other pouches because of the cost of this type of fabric.

Wicking Rust

Wicking Navy Blue
Black Wicking Fabric   banana peelz bags
Wicking Black

Wicking White

Wicking Royal Blue

Wicking Red

Wicking Gray

Wicking Neon Yellow

Wicking Neon Orange

Wicking Neon Green

Wicking Turqoise

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